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Correct - The $1 million of liability coverage per incident is in excess to the driver’s own policy, but it acts as primary insurance if the driver’s policy is not available for any reason, covering from the first dollar. We have provided this coverage since commencing ridesharing in early 2013.


Daveea Whitmire was a partner on the Uber platform from October 2013 through December 2013.


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Hello Lane,


Thank you for your email. Can you clarify a few things-


If I understand correctly, you are saying that regardless of whether an Uber X driver is at fault in accident, Uber’s policy is that the company will cover the accident once the driver’s personal auto insurance is exhausted?


In addition, you mention that Daveea Whitmire became an Uber partner in October. Can you clarify the year in which he became an Uber partner? Finally, is he no longer an Uber partner? If so, what date did his account deactivate?


Since you’ve declined an on-camera interview, will you be releasing a statement? Again, this story will be airing on Thursday and we are currently in the editing process.


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